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Emily Deschanel on Bones being in it’s 9th season

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Emily Deschanel greeting fans. 

The damn title lmao paparazzi are trash.

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Exclusive: Lea Michele’s Inspiring Backyard Transformation



Create the feeling of escape with outdoor fabrics: “I really love the curtains that we added around the pavilion. Now I look into the backyard and see these dramatic striped curtains and blue cushions. It’s just so much more beautiful.”

Know your signature flower power: “Indoors, my favorite flowers are Mums. And I really love Gardenias around my house.”

Robin egg blue is in for spring: “I really like the girly elements Estee brings in. I probably would not have picked the robin egg blue at first sight, but now that it’s there, it’s perfect.”

With the scene set, Michele welcomed friends for Pimm’s Buck cocktails and a garden dinner expertly prepared by Jeff Nimer of Haute Chefs LA. Friends, including Switch Boutique’s Jennifer and Julia Cohen and actress Aubrey Doller, gathered around a farm table adorned with a garland of freshly cut flowers by Meinshatz. According to Michele, there are only two hostessing prerequisites: “If everything around you feels rich in color and super comforting, people will always feel like they are home.”


The best ice-breaker is a cozy floor plan: “Make the environment comfortable with lots of places where people can move around and sit. They will feel like this is their home too, not that they are in someone else’s space.”

Spring’s “it” drink: a Pimm’s Buck with edible flowers for garnish: “The key to hosting the perfect outdoor party is a great drink. Our Pimm’s cocktails had beautiful flowers in them — both inviting and delicious.

Simple, garden-fresh dishes keep the party casual: Chef Nimer served crispy chicken cutlets and a fresh bibb lettuce salad with roasted garlic buttermilk dressing.

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Lea Michele for DomaineHome.com

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Sam Evans in Every Episode: Duets

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Finchel in season 5

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